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The culture at TheStartupMastery.com can be described as: “A magic balance between sawn off shotguns and scented candles”. Our team is hard working with an insatiable hunger to win but at the same time laid back, caring and not willing to break values just to get ahead.

For The People, By The People

At TheStartupMastery.com we try never to forget that our programs are for the people. They’re not for the profits. The profits follow, and if we have remembered that, they have never failed to appear. The better we have remembered it, the larger they have been.

Our Philosophy

Our goal whenever we create a program is to make it 100x better than university for less than 1% of the price. 

Through our programs we make sure you get the “full stack” over every aspect of business. That you understand how to run and manage an agency like a real 6&7 fiugre agency owner 

Our client success is our success

Our marketing plan is profoundly simple: Get customers life changing results and the rest takes care of itself. 

At TheStartupMastery you won’t hear any gurus or see photos of people in Lamborghinis. We dedicated our time and effort to helping our customers and we let their results speak us.   

Our Mission

We believe the education and employment systems in todays world are fundamentally flawed and need fixing. The traditional path of school, college and corporate employment leave people in debt, uneducated and soulless. 

Through TheStartupMastery our mission is to send the elevator back down and help everyday people start and grow wildly profitable agencies and live their lives of freedom.


Meet Khalifa Oniyangi

Founder of TheStartupMastery


Khalifa Oniyangi


Hi, my name is Khalifa Oniyangi and I’d like to share with you my mission to reform the education system. It’s a mission that governs every decision in my life. 

Reforming The Education System
  1. We believe that people are powerful beyond measure and can live the lives of their dreams. The problem is nobody ever taught them how the world works and how money is made outside of employment.
  2. We believe that knowledge is power and the only gap between the rich and the poor is the access to the right information + the mental paradigm to perceive it.
  3. We believe that the traditional path of education and employment is fundamentally wrong and that we are here on the face of this earth to fix it.
  4. We believe that we have the best training programs on the planet for helping everyday people start their own consulting business, make money and take the steering wheel of their own fate.
  5. We believe in questioning the unquestioned and holding nothing sacred in pursuit of the objective truth.
  6. We believe less is more and focus is devastatingly powerful. In the modern day it’s more about what you ignore rather than what you pay attention to.
A Company & Vision

In 2019, TheStartupMastery.com was born.

It was the amalgamation of the courses I had previously offered, and the new home to Six Figure SMMA, our flagship program.

GrowYourAgency.com now operates with a single mission, expanded from my own: to reform the education system by creating the best online programs the world has ever seen.

But staying true to our ethos and our full circle approach, we’re going to go one step further. I have made a commitment to take 10% of our annual profits to build schools in the developing world –

I’ve made a commitment to take 10% of yearly company profits & put the money straight into building schools in underdeveloped countries.


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